How to set up a Wi-Fi Network in Windows 10

Having a functional Wi-Fi network is no longer an option, but a necessity, because a high speed network will help you save a lot of time. The good news is that it’s not difficult to set up your own network, and Windows 10 has greatly simplified the process.

First of all, you will need a broadband Internet connection. Then, you will need a modem, a wireless router and wireless adapters. The good news is that modems are usually offered by the Internet service providers, and most devices have built-in wireless adapters. If you have a modem, you need to connect it to the Internet cable. Then, connect the LAN plug to the wireless router. Of course, there are also routers that have built-in cable modems; if this is your case, you will only have to plug the Internet cable into the router socket – that’s all!

It is important to choose the best position for your wireless routers. Choose areas where the signal is strong and the interference is minimal. The Data Alliance consultants strongly recommend that you should place the router close to the center of the house; this way, the Wi-Fi signal should be strong enough to cover all the rooms. Things change when you don’t have Internet-ready devices in some of your rooms, of course; if this is your case, feel free to move the router close to the areas where the devices need the highest upload/download speed – the living room, if you use a device like Chromecast to stream video from your phone to the big screen, for example.

Don’t place the router near the floor, near metallic parts or near walls. Also, place it away from microwave ovens, cordless phones and other similar devices that operate using a frequency of about 2.4 GHz.

Now that all the hardware is in place, you need to configure the network. The router comes with a default user/pass combination, which are usually admin/admin. Change them both if possible, or at least change the password, making it a combination of letters, numbers and special symbols. Set a strong security password/key for the Wi-Fi network, and don’t forget to write it down. Don’t ever use the WEP protocol to secure your network, it’s useless. Go for WPA or (even better) WPA2, which have enough strength to keep your computers safe. Also, many routers have a built-in firewall, so make sure to activate it.

Now that your network has been set up, you can finally start adding computers to it. Navigate to Windows 10’s setting, choose “Connect to a network”, choose your network name from the list (there may be several networks in your area), and then click “Connect”. You will be asked to input your security key, so make sure to have it handy.

windows10 wifi network setup

To start sharing your files, printer, etc choose “Advanced Sharing”. You can turn on or off the public folders, for example. When you want to share a document, simply open the Document Library, and then double click the public documents folder. You can then share one or more of your documents with the computers in the network.

Your network should now be set up, your computers should be connected to the network, and you should have access to all files and documents that are shared on them.

Recent Amazon News

Amazon, the huge Internet retailer, may open 400 bookstores this year. And even if this plan is not going to become a reality anytime soon, it will certainly impact the business of many booksellers.

Amazon’s business success has already negatively impacted huge companies like Barns & Noble or Borders. It looks like book reading refuses to die, and a recent study has showed that when someone isn’t sure what book to buy, going to an old fashioned bookstore and picking a book off the shelves is the best option. Last year Amazon opened a bookstore in Seattle, selling four and five star rated books, just a fraction of what they sell online.

amazon opens 400 bookstores

The Seattle retailer is also planning to overtake rival tech giants when it comes to digital assistants that can play an important role in our lives. These days Amazon plans the launch of a smaller, much more portable version of the voice activated tabletop Echo speaker. The device was first sold in November 2014, and since then it has gained quite a bit of popularity. The new device, which may be named Fox, will be able to create shopping lists, can answer questions, play music and can be plugged into an outlet. Fox can tell us weather related info, traffic info and give us Yelp-based restaurant recommendations.

Amazon has recently announced a partnership with Ford Motor. The goal of this partnership is to integrate its Alexa software in the Ford vehicles. This will allow garage owners to open their doors by making use of their voices, for example. Voice activated software seems to be a priority at Amazon, and this may lead to the creation of one or more products that are similar with (but not identical to) the ones Apple, Alphabet and Microsoft.

The company wants more and more people to listen to its podcast and audio book service – Audible. Several comedians and public radio voices have been asked to participate into creating original content. The service would be a proper fit for the Fox and Echo devices, which are already seen as the audio versions of Kindle and Kindle Fire HD tablets.

Amazon’s Kindle is also getting an upgrade, allowing the owners to buy books in a much easier way. The home screen will soon have shortcuts for books, and it will offer the possibility to download samples and reading lists from Goodreads. The updates will be made available for 2013 and 2015 Kindle models.

Finally, it looks like Amazon’s drones are going to be used to transport packages over short distances. This way, as a representative has said, orders will be delivered in less than half an hour. The covered distance will be limited to about 10 miles and the weight of the package will not exceed 5 pounds – most of Amazon’s packages don’t exceed five pounds anyway.

In some areas, Amazon will even deliver restaurant orders. Right now they are testing several types of drones, trying to find the best option, which is capable of safely transporting the goods to the clients.

Last year Amazon offered unlimited cloud storage for pictures to all the clients who subscribed to its Prime service. Besides photos, clients can also store videos and various files.